Baby Hero - Organic Panda Footie - Yellow

Baby Hero
Baby Hero - Organic Panda Footie - Yellow

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After a year of design, making sure the fit is perfect, the fabric weight optimal, the zipper just right... we are thrilled to share these Baby Hero Footies with you.

Our new Baby Hero Footies are super soft and zipplingly easy to use - making changes simple and life comfy for our lil' heroes.  Beautiful Simplicity.


  • Includes 1 Panda Footie
  • Includes 1 Eco-Friendly Baby Hero Gift Bag
  • 100% Fair-Trade, Organic Cotton
  • Free from harmful chemicals & hypoallergenic - perfect for babies' skin
  • Made by women and men in rural India, empowering their livelihoods, funding an orphanage, cancer hospital and HIV clinic in their community

This Onesie Could Save a Life: Each Baby Hero Onesie funds a life-saving Neonatal Survival Kit for a mother and newborn in need. See how your purchase helps #ChampionLife

Fabric & Care:

  • Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low
  • Fabric, threads and dies are organically certified

About the brand

Baby Hero: Clothing with a Cause! Baby Hero's Onesies are super comfy, 100% organic cotton. Baby Hero was founded on the philosophy that every child deserves a healthy start. As such, for every onesie you purchase, Baby Hero will give a clean birth kit to a mother in need and live saving medical products to her baby. These items will help the mother survive her delivery and prevent infections in her newborn, giving him or her a greater chance at life. Join their movement and be a Baby Hero! A unique gift and the perfect new baby essential, Baby Hero gives you a quality product and at the same time, you give another wee-one a healthy start. Baby Hero's Onesies are also fair trade certified, meaning that the entire process of producing this garment - from the cotton farmer to the fabric maker to the manufacturer - uses ethical labor.

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