Mint - Boys Snack Square in Nylon

Mint - Boys Snack Square in Nylon

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Snack Square. It's really not just a Snack Square. You see, it has so many different names and uses we can't name them all here. It's a fabulous little invention. And while it looks small, it can hold more than most kids can eat in one lunch period. And if you get creative, you can sell it as one of the other tons of uses we've discovered.


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Cadet Grassy Green - Green thread

Camo - Metallic Gold thread

Chocolate Giraffe - Aqua thread

Chocolate Orange - Orange thread

Navy Aqua - Aqua thread

Slate Yellow - Light Orange thread

Pirates - Black thread


Size: 6"x5.5"x5.25" 


Please allow 10 Days for delivery.




About the brand

About 14 years ago, Jimmy & Christi started their own adventure similar to their parents, Joy and Jim's (who were the founder of Flying Circle Bags, which provides quality Army Accessories for the US military forces). They started developing cute, children safe and durable accessories monogram line with the arrival of their Baby Jack. Mint offers just about anything you can possibly imagine to make your own with your choice of personalized design. Check out their sweet nap rolls, lunch boxes, and backpacks for the little ones. Mint is the perfect way to give a truly unique gift!

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