Naomi Wear

Naomi Wear

My daughter is the one inspiring me to create this brand, and it is named after her. I always believe that over dazzling pattern and design overshadow children’ true characteristics. On the other hand, sheer simplicity with some playful details can shift the focus back to the child and make each of them shine brightly. Plus, kids at this age need comfy fabrics and cutting allowing them to freely romp around.

There are many independent designer brands out there in Asia and I want to create a platform for mums who have been tired of mass brands and similar designs. Naomi Wear handpick indie brands mainly from Japan and Korea, introducing simple, comfy yet playful kids wear designed for little humans aged from 0 to 7 years old. We present a creative and unique collection that you won’t find in the department stores. We enjoy playing with colors and patterns, we love mixing & matching styles, and we are happy to create versatile wardrobe for your little ones with our inspirational lookbooks, just as our brand promise goes: Little Big Inspiration.

Thank you, Naomi, you brought me a totally fresh perspective of life, the experience of reconnecting with my own childhood memory, more importantly, the opportunity of sharing value and passion with many moms alike.






亞洲有許多才華橫溢的獨立設計師,只不過我們平時被大眾品牌的資訊所淹沒而無從知曉。奈美良衣做的是層層篩選的減法,取其精華,將那些簡約,舒適且富有巧思的設計呈現在一個平台上。然後我們再花很多心思去做加法,創作出充滿靈感的lookbook搭配。Little Big Inspiration 講述的就是我們不會忘記的初心。我们常常期望小孩能保持好奇心,想象力和创造力。其实大人更需要这些,不是吗。生活中的一些巧思和創意,看似微不足道,卻有著足夠大的影響力和正能量。


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