Pili Nuts - Green Tea

Pili Bear
Pili Nuts - Green Tea

PILI NUTS was introduced as one of the forefront superfood in 2015.  It contain high levels of Vitamin E, 8 essential amino acids and are chock-full of manganese, calcium, phosphorus, potassium.  Pili nuts are also a complete protein and have the lowest carbohydrate and highest Vitamin E and Magnesium content of any nut. 


  • Omega-3,9 that helps improve focus and memory, balance cholesterol and prevents heart diseases
  • A protein-rich nuts helps muscle growth and improve metabolism
  • Vitamin E are 10x more than other nuts to improve skin quality and boost immunity
  • Rich in antioxidants that helps to fights diseases and anti-aging
  • Rich in natural fibers that improves digestion
  • All 8 amino acids beneficial in balance blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Diverse mix of minerals content that strengthen bones and improves nutrients absorption

Net Weight: 50g
Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, Green Tea Powder, Icing Sugar

( this product may contains milk, soybeans and nuts )

About the brand

Pili Bear

Pili trees (carnarium ovatum) are grown and harvested from the volcanic soil of Bicol in Philippines. A rich tasting nut with a silm supply over the past year but is said to yield more better fruit after being battered by wind and rain. Our activiated pili nuts are grown without using any synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, naturally grown and wild-crafted, considered the most luxurious nuts exclusively offered by the Luzon Island. The pili pulp oils and Elemi oils were produced from the pulp and resin, valuable for its high nutrient & skin repair effects. 

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