14Pcs Build Your Own in Hand Carrying Bag (with Trolley and Characters)

Tutor Blocks
14Pcs Build Your Own in Hand Carrying Bag (with Trolley and Characters)

Build Your Own


For Learning Colors, Develop Creativity, My Toys. Physical Practices for Stacking Blocks.

14 Pieces

4-Block Trolley x 1

3-Block Trolley x1

4-Block in Green x 1

3-Block in Yellow x 1

2-Block in Yellow x 2

2-Block in Blue x 1

1-Block in Red x5

Two characters (random)

About the brand

Brand Story

Every Parents wants what’s best for their kids. Building kid’s minds, creativity and confidence up is our goal too, which is why we developed the fun and revolutionary teaching tools: TUTOR BLOCKS™

Babies are masters at learning! They learn through introduction of new textures and colors, sights and sounds, manipulation of objects, trial and error and simple, repetitive content such as singing the alphabet.

When children begin to explore the world with their senses, and their young minds begin to make cognitive connections and develop short-term memory, they learn first through experience and simple lessons.  After extensive research on early child development with parents and designers, TUTOR BLOCKS™ was developed as a simple yet highly effective toy for teaching babies how to sort, stack, identify, match and build for hours of endless learning fun!

Patent Design

What makes TUTOR BLOCKS™ so revolutionary and different from conventional building blocks is that it works almost like magic!  Each colorful block contains a magnet that helps babies connect and disconnect shapes easily, developing motor skills, creativity and confidence as they build make-believe worlds!  The magnets enable the blocks to lock together seamlessly, making them easier to stack.


Safety First

Safety first is the overriding principle of our Canadian designer. All products conform to stringent international manufacturing standards such as EN71 (EU), ASTM and CPSIA (US) as well as EU legislation on chemicals such as cadmium, phthalates and BPA.   


The product is made of premium ABS for a strong design. All colors are carefully mixed to ensure that the blocks have a pure red, yellow, blue or green finish.

Click Like Magic

Magnet Fitted Blocks.
Blocks are self-aligning for steady connection.

Babies' Magnetic Blocks

Perfectly-sized for little hands, this wonderful teaching toy is ideal for 6 months & up.


Practical Learning

Stacking play helps develop baby’s motor skils as well as hand-eye coordination.


Building and stacking play is perfect for endless possibilities of family fun!

Language Skills

Teach baby about numbers, colors, animals, and characters on each of the TUTOR BLOCKSTM


Stacking and nesting Tutor BlocksTM teaches infants recognition skills and encourages thinking and problem solving.


You’ll notice your child move quickly from copying your actions to matching blocks together on their own, building their self-confidence.

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