Cali's Books - BEDTIME with Mozart and Other Greats

Cali's Books
Cali's Books - BEDTIME with Mozart and Other Greats

This press and listen book takes children through their bedtime routine with the help of gentle classical music. The easy-to-use sound button provides excerpts from six magical melodies to accompany text and illustrations tracing steps from putting on pajamas to snuggling into bed. It’s a wonderfully relaxing end to the day. With:  

  • Sonata Mozart
  • Nocturne, Chopin
  • Lullaby, Brahms
  • Suite No 3, Bach
  • Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven
The books are suitable for all ages.


About the brand

Based in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, we are a new publishing house dedicated to introducing young children to the joyous world of words and music. Our founder and co-founder are both moms of young children who trained as engineers and worked in banking.  

Carinne and Åsa both discovered the musical board books in France. These have embedded sound buttons that babies and children push to hear songs and musical tunes. We wanted to offer the same pleasure to children in the English-speaking world.

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