Diaper Cake For Twins - Elephant

Lo Tai Po Diaper Cake
Diaper Cake For Twins - Elephant

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3Tier Pampers Diaper (SIZE:S/M/L/XL)
1. Baby Elephant Plush Toy x2
2. Luvable Friends / Mother's Choice Baby Booties x2
3. Luvable Friends / Mother's Choice Multi-purpose Baby Blanket
(Towel/Pad/Swaddle) x2
4. Greeting Card
5. Plastic Gift box
Due to seasonality, some products have seasonal style varies

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About the brand

It is a touching and blissful moment when new lives are born. Sometimes we rack our brains looking for a meaningful and practical gift to celebrate the arrival of these little angels! Our product - BABY CAKE (Diaper cake) would be your best choice. 

LTP BABY CAKE DESIGN has a great suggestion for you. BABY CAKE (Diaper cake) is a unique gift made of various baby products by the artistic mind and skillful hands. It is popular in Korea, Japan and England for many years. Since established, the company always goes the extra mile in searching for the highest quality baby products to produce the special and original BABY CAKES (Diaper cakes). Our goal is to provide a quality, meaningful and unique BABY CAKE (Diaper cake). We value the importance of customer interaction and we welcome custom orders. Customers are encouraged to decide everything from theme of the BABY CAKE (diaper cake) to tier size, from price range to ‘ingredients’ that go in to the cake, then we will ‘bake’ your custom BABY CAKE (diaper cake) from scratch that meets your special needs! For customers who are in a rush, there are over 30 different styles of BABY CAKE (Diaper Cake) ready for purchase in our store. Now just a call away, you can send your wishes to every newborn babies.

Our belief is “Give a gift of the highest quality is to give the most sincere blessings to the babies ". At LTP BABY CAKE DEISGN, we strive to maintain the highest standard of BABY CAKE (Diaper cake) and bring novelty to our customers without losing our ‘Customer Focus’. Our goal is to become the most popular and the most creative brand of BABY CAKE (Diaper cake) in the market.

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