Bubble Couture - Egyptian Animal Magnets

Bubble Couture
Bubble Couture - Egyptian Animal Magnets

By the power of Ra! These magnificent golden magnets are fit for the Pharaoh himself. Adorn your home and experience the splendor of Ancient Egypt. Perfect & quirky gift for an older sibling! 

Set of 6 strong magnets include golden elephant, tiger, camel, lioness, rhino and lion.

About the brand

Whether you are a parent buying a treat for your baby or you are a gift giver, we at Bubble Couture love to bring unique innovative products to you and your loved ones. We are proud to be the first to bring in majority of our exclusive products to Hong Kong! For most of the clothing line we’ve imported from the USA, we only carry limited quantity of each item to guarantee exclusivity and unique pieces for your baby.

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