The Rose Water 50ml

The Rose Water 50ml

2 kg of freshly picked, 100% organic Damascus rose (with vast majority being white and red roses), is stored inside this elegant 50ml bottle, by using traditional evaporation distillation method. That means no additional water or steam is used, and we made sure to capture all the precious essence of rose petals into this bottle with passion. It all contains no preservatives, insecticides, nor any other inorganic substances.  

Features: Fade scars, hypoallergenic, diminish wrinkle & pores, whitening eradicates spots, elasticity, can relieve eye fatigue, will also help aviation journey dehydration reaction and moisturizing, more calming and relaxing. Usage: Spray directly to the face or affected area twice a day, to prevent dry skin, dehydration. 

Ingredients: 100% pure natural rose water. 

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About the brand

Z Blossom: Our Beginning

When our founder, Kenneth Zee, was caring for his wheel-chair bound aging parents, he found his parents becoming increasingly losing appetite and emotionally discouraged from their limited immobility of caring for their own daily needs. 

Kenneth searched globally for solutions. His parents liked sweets and would at least eat sweets even with decreased appetite. So he looked for healthy chocolates and cookies that were delicious and had the natural health ingredients to supplement health. He found none that we good enough for his parents. He also searched for natural lotions and wipes and sanitizers that his parents can use to help them feel refreshed, but he found none that could be used constantly without drying out the skin.

So Kenneth decided to make them.

He found “deer horn Reishi mushroom” in Hokkaido, Japan, that has high content of Beta-Glucan that promotes heart health. He commissioned the top pâtissier chef, Rocky Lai of world renown Agnes B pâtissier to make this Reishi mushroom infused chocolate. He also perfected the recipe for “Reishi mushroom” infused chocolate. He located the area in the xxx mountain of xxx region of Taiwan for tea that are so selective that only xxx kg of tea leaves can be procured. Tea that delivers anti-oxidants.

In Pakistan, he found selective rose where with evaporation distillation method, he makes 1 liter of rose water using 40 kg (approx. 88 lbs) of rose petals that has multiple health benefits including antioxidants, helps sooth skin irritation, sore throats, headaches, etc.

With his chemical engineering background, Kenneth invented his own line of health products. With Japanese government funding him with patent process for 4 of his inventions, Kenneth developed water sanitizer spray and spay bottle that kills 99.9% of bacteria, and other products that assists in personal hygiene while being all natural and gentle to the skin.

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