Yeanimm - Hair Focus Cushion 5g - Medium Brown

YeaNimm Cosmetics
Yeanimm - Hair Focus Cushion 5g - Medium Brown

Made from 100% soybean protein, the scalp- friendly fibers are cut extremely short (0.5 mm). It has gone through 5 times sterilizing treatment, making it safe & hypoallergenic. Yeannim focus cushion is great for concealing receding hairline and to conceal small area. Lightweight & Travel- friendly.


2 Shades:

Medium Brown 5g

Dark Brown 5g

Black 5g



Step 1: Apply hair fibers using Yeannim Hair Fiber, Hair Cushion or Focus cushion on desired area.

Step 2: Bind it with Yeannim Stablising Styling Mist.

Step 3: To remove, wash hair with shampoo.



About the brand

YEANNIM Hair Make-Up or Hair Cosmetic is the latest innovation in hair fashion!

Goodbye silicon fibers! YEANNIM fibers are made from soybean & soybean milk protein fibers manufactured from Germany.

Launched in late 2016, it is a success story for a new category entering the Korean beauty world.

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